Breakfast? Your goodmorning with a view

Make a wish, at the buffet you will find all that you want

Breakfast is that little pleasure that can let you have a good day start and at the Hotel Des Nations we love make you happy since early morning.
A great buffet with all the irresistible delicacies waits for you every morning.
Think about something good…you will find it ready, hot and fragrant at the buffet up to 10:30 am.

Breakfast at the Hotel Des Nations is open not only to guests, but also to the general public, with the aim to share together the magic of a tasty picnic with sea view.

More than a patisserie

Brioches are soft and fresh from the oven, filled with seven different kinds of fruit jams, melted chocolate and pastry cream.
Cakes surprise you every day with different flavors and melt in your mouth at every bite.
Then there are waffles, muffins with chocolate or berries chips, cupcakes, biscuits and ciambella Romagnola.
Would you love to try a light breakfast? At the Hotel Des Nations you will find also fresh yogurt and seasonal fruit salads. Slices of home-made bread, naturally risen, to be filled with fruit and honey preserve.

More than a brunch

Also the salty corner is rich and various, in order to satisfy the taste of who can’t resist to an energetic continental breakfast.
Focaccia bread with and without filling, tall and well risen; salty croissants that overflow with cold cuts and salad, and sandwiches for all tastes.
Scrambled eggs with bacon cannot be missed, together with charcuterie and sliced cheese and spreadable cheese.

More than a good coffee

The cappuccino is appropriately hot, with soft and compact forth.
The espresso is carefully prepared like at the bar and the coffee is ground into grains, so as the ginseng, creamy and with a lot of forth.
The American coffee, realized with a real American machine, the macchiato, barley coffee, five cereals coffee, small coffee, double coffee….no matter how you prefer it, you will have it served.
What’s more? Hot and cold milk, a cup of chocolate, tea and brews of any kind, fresh-squeezed orange juice and many fruit juices.