Breakfast & Ape-Riccione

The blue depth of the horizon in front of you, all the taste of the kitchen in the dish

SURPRISE 2018! A new treatment: more freedom and more taste!

Guests who wants more freedom and more autonomy on holiday are more and more, freeing themselves from the fixed schedules of the restaurant.
For this reason the kitchen of the Hotel Des Nations has decided to evolve and to propose to all guests a new mode of service, without ever giving up the taste of the good table.

Starting from the summer 2018 there will be no more lunch and dinner at the Hotel but:


Every day until late morning with pastry and salty.
(Still do not know the super Breakfast Sea View? Discover it here! )


Every night in the hotel’s big garden.
From 7 p.m. every day, the garden turns into a unique location for your aperitif.
Taste the goodness prepared by the chef and his kitchen’s team and drink to the summer with your favorite drink.
Traditional piadina prepared at the time and stuffed as you want.

Pizza, focaccia and sandwiches to which it’s impossible to resist.
Finger food but also hot first courses served buffet
Hot and cold first courses, soups and salads stuffed.
Drink a good Spritz and enjoy the evening breeze that comes from the sea.
What do you choose? Aperol or Campari?

Parties continue!

A themed dinner every week with the new DJ SET!

Sunday is a special evening at the Hotel Des Nations in Riccione and during the aperitif you are invited to taste and listen to something different and good.
Sunday evening proposes alternating 3 different menus and music with DJ Marcinho.
There is the Spanish Sunday with seafood specialties, Mexican Sunday for lovers of spicy and Hawaiian Sunday with exotic dishes.

For the occasion every guest is invited to wear a themed outfit.
Do you already know that you will be on holiday during these dates?

Don’t forget to pack: a flamenco dress, a sombrero, a chaplet of flowers… 😉

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